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Pacific Heights Condominium
2427 Divisadero, San Francisco, CA 94115
04 Bedroom | 03 Bathroom | 01 Parking

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Sold For: $2,055,000 on 4-23-2012

Zestimate®: $2,688,284Zillow Real Estate Search

Appraisal: $1,618,560eppraisal

How accurate are the Automated Valuation Models (AVM)?

Automated estimates are interesting to look at and compare. There are countless AVMs in the marketplace, each claiming to be more accurate than the rest. The most sophisticated among these are available exclusively to the real estate industry - primarily to lenders and appraisers. These complex mathematical algorithms use various data sources to profile property and determine an estimated value range.

How does a database know that your new kitchen finishes are high-end and reflect the latest trends? How can it take into account that your garden is right off the living area and protected from the winds, unlike the similar house next door? Many crucial factors are not factored into computer generated estimates, which is why the value range they offer is wide and unreliable.

Zephyr agents can refine value in a way AVMs cannot. Contact us for a no obligation analysis and introduction into how we can provide consummate value and service to you.

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Zephyr Exclusive Sponsor of First-Ever Neighborhood Apps

San Francisco, CA – September 2, 2014 – Zephyr Real Estate has partnered with Neighbrhds, a product of Urban Living Marketing, to provide neighborhood apps tailored specifically to San Francisco’s neighborhoods. Zephyr’s website has been a forerunner in providing abundant and robust neighborhood details. Zephyr has even produced videos for most of San Francisco’s neighborhoods, which have been used as an educational tool in classrooms to highlight the diversity and variety San Francisco has to offer. Neighbrhds is moving neighborhood-level information forward to the next natural step, allowing residents and visitors to gain instant access to community events, local businesses, top restaurants, shopping and more.

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Zephyr Real Estate Adds New Presentation Tool for Agents

San Francisco, CA – August 25, 2014 – Zephyr Real Estate, widely noted for providing the latest and greatest in technology for its agents, has added yet another tool to the vast array already available. The newest offering is TouchCMA, an easy-to-use, interactive CMA presentation tool that can be updated as buyers’ and sellers’ conversations evolve.

Estimate vs. Actual: Recent Sales in Pacific Heights

AddressBeds/BathsSold Priceeppraisal
Off ByZillow Real Estate Search
Off By
3242 Washington St6BD/4BA$4,150,000$2,929,955$1,220,045 or 29%$4,494,360$344,360 or 8%
2914 Sacramento St5BD/4BA$3,750,000$1,547,953$2,202,047 or 59%$3,078,783$671,217 or 18%
2608 Sacramento St4BD/3BA$3,450,000$2,169,294$1,280,706 or 37%$3,264,204$185,796 or 5%
2090 Vallejo St6BD/6BA$9,500,000$6,341,282$3,158,718 or 33%$10,598,427$1,098,427 or 12%
68 Presidio Ave5BD/5BA$7,750,000$2,927,125$4,822,875 or 62%$6,615,548$1,134,452 or 15%
2602 Pacific Ave6BD/6BA$8,250,000$6,003,769$2,246,231 or 27%$8,310,347$60,347 or 1%
1641 Green St4BD/3BA$4,200,000$2,409,558$1,790,442 or 43%$5,012,017$812,017 or 19%
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